The Murder on the Links Review

E-Book, 272 Pages
Adult/ Murder Mystery
By: Agatha Christie
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 3/4

β€œWhen will a woman lie? Sometimes for herself. Usually for the man she loves. Always for her children.”

This is Poirot’s second book and it all starts with him getting an urgent letter from the South American millionaire Monsieur Renauld asking him to save his life. Poirot and Hastings lose no time and go to investigate only to find that Mr. Renauld is already dead. There are many things that don’t make sense to Poirot and it is all complicated by a second body appearing later.

Agatha books are my go to books when I want to read something that is not fantasy or when I am fighting an impending reading slump. I think the fact that they were written almost a century ago by itself is very attractive to me, specially how the writing is not pretentious and is still easy to understand.

I would not recommend starting with this one if you are new to Agatha because Hasting, who is the narrator is kind of annoying and creepy. His brain wires are frayed whenever he sees a beautiful lady. I was really enjoying the story and the eccentricities of Poirot, specially that the book I read before this novel did not work for me. It was all going smoothly till like 75% of the story when Hasting does stupid things and I was underwhelmed then and found it hard to get into the story at the same level again.

β€œTwo people rarely see the same thing.”

Summary: I liked the story and Poirot is great as always, I wish I could say the same about Hastings who kind of ruined the reading experience for me and who also made me understood some of the low ratings the book got. I still think Agatha was a genius, the writing is great and it is a fast escape from reality and fantasy for me. I would recommend reading this but saving it till later when one knows Agatha style better!

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