Saint’s Blood

E-Book, 567 Pages
Adult/ Epic Fantasy
By: Sebastien De Castell
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“Deato mendea valus febletta. The Gods give every man a weakness.”

Saint’s blood per se is not a bad book, my problem with it is that it was repetitive and I had this with the author’s other series “Spellslinger”. Both series have potential and they start good but then books start to sound the same. The Greatcoats is certainly the superior series but still found this one predictable.

The writing is good when it comes to the prose, I don’t have any problems with that and I do enjoy the occasional banter but those speeches are starting to get on my nerves because they seem to be the solution to every single problem in this series.

The characters are both what I love and what I hate about this series. I don’t know how my beloved Brasti can be such an excellent archer when he’s always holding the book on his shoulders. Falcio does seem to grow as a character and at the same time he doesn’t. I am just tired of his speeches, I was never a big fan of his romance and he is a good duelist so for once, just let him shut up and duel! It is like he is having his same thoughts and then Brasti or Kest snap at him and he realizes what they are saying is true and can’t argue with that. Kest was so passive in this entry and he felt like a shadow of the Kest that we know, specially that he was so central in the last book.

Also why do they insist that Aline is grown up and should act her age when she is only 14 -previously 13- and in this book she felt precocious to me.

“Why is life so much easier to live when people are trying to take it from you than when you’re forced to actually live it?”

I am afraid that there was a plot in this book but it was predictable and it did not move the bigger story forward. I once predicted the plot of one of the Spellslinger books in my pre-reading review and then I was a 100% spot on when I finished the book and this felt almost the same. I hope the final book ties everything up and is not another kind of a filler story.

The world-building is good and I enjoy the Saints and the Gods and I do hope it improves more in the finale.

Summary: In my review of the Knight’s Shadow, I mentioned that I was scared of repetitions which I unfortunately faced in this book. I do like the world and the banter, I feel the characters are lovable but there are details that irked me and I couldn’t ignore. As mentioned above, not a bad book by itself but from a third book in the series, I expected more!

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