Skyward Review

Paperback, 513 Pages
YA/ Sci-Fi
By: Brandon Sanderson

โ€œSometimes, the answers we need don’t match the questions we’re asking.” He looked up at me. “And sometimes, the coward makes fools of wiser men.โ€

It is no Secret that I am a fan of Sanderson and that I have read many of his works (This is the 17th book I read by him). I tried his YA books, his adult ones, the short stories and even his latest graphic novel and he always seem to have the ability to impress me! I was hesitant to read this one because it is YA and Sci-Fi, a combination of which I am not a big fan! Also my friends gave it mixed reviews but after finishing it now I can say that Sanderson did not disappoint me once again!

The story follows 16 year old Spensa who lives in a futuristic world where humans live in space and are attacked by alien creatures. Spensa joins the flight school in order to achieve her life long dream of becoming a pilot and changing her father’s reputation!

I did expect the book to be similar to books I read in the past and I read a ton of YA books in the past years. However, I did not read many Sci-fi ones because I am not the biggest fan of the genre. I found the plot to be predictable and it is indeed similar to things I read in the past but it was so darn enjoyable and well written. For example, I can compare this to Aurora Rising and it easily puts that hot mess into shame! Sanderson does not typically write Sci-fi but he proves that he is a master when it comes to writing.

โ€œYou get to choose who you are. Legacy, memories of the past, can serve us well. But we cannot let them define us. When heritage becomes a box instead of an inspiration, it has gone too far.โ€

The writing is very good, it was kind of a long book, around 140K words but I still finished it in two days because it was very easy to follow and smooth! There are many good quotes and it is “clean” like the rest of his books.

The characters are what sold this one to me, Spensa the main character is a teenager and she is angsty sometimes and she’s not always fair and she doesn’t take the right decisions all the time, but what teenager does? There is a thin line between being a realistic teen and a very annoying child and I can say that Spensa stood on the right side of the line. The most important thing is that she does grow through the series and all the secondary characters were well written and we get to know their backgrounds and get attached to them slowly too (And some of them are killed by then because authors love to inflict pain on us). I think there was something likable in all of the characters which is a great achievement! Special shout out to the M-Bot and Doomslug because they are both cute on a whole different level and I will claim the stars for them!!!

โ€œWe must not cower in the dark because weโ€™re afraid of the spark within us. The answer is not to put out the spark, but to learn to control it.โ€

I am such a fan of Sanderson’s world-building and this was no different here. It is not as complex as his other books but I did not expect it to be. Despite that, there is a unique world with a unique civilization and history and I could not have asked for more!

Summary: I really enjoyed Skyward because I thought it was so well written, the prose was slick, the world-building is flawless and the story was fast paced and very engaging, there were no dull moments that i devoured the whole 500 pages in 2 days. The main character had her flaws on the other side and the plot for the most part was predictable but because it was very well done, I don’t mind that at all and I will read book two without hesitation this time!

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