King of Thorns Review

E-Book, 449 Pages
Adult/ Grimdark Fantasy
By: Mark Lawrence
Rating: 🌟🌟 1/2

“They say that time is a great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.”

Prince of Thorns ★★★
King of Thorns ★★ 1/2

I usually read book series one book per month, that way I don’t forget all the details and it also prevents me from getting bored of the book series. I am saying this because I read Prince of Thorns back in November last year but I could not find it in me to pick the second book in December. I just felt that I did not care enough about the story and I think I should have followed my gut. Simply put, I think this series is not just for me!

If I hadn’t read the Impossible Times trilogy I would have thought that maybe Lawrence’s style is not for me but I did read it and I loved it so I know the problem it not with the prose despite the fact that the Impossible times trilogy is a newer series and is certainly more polished in my humble opinion! But I think my problem with this one is multifold starting with the way it is told! The story has a “4 years earlier” timeline which is a continuation of book 1 and the current day which is 4 years later but both are a continuation of the story in book 1. In addition to that there are journal entries, dreams and hallucinations…etc and all of this made the book unnecessarily complex! I felt that if I blinked my eyes and lost focus for a second then I would be reading gibberish till I re-oriented myself again!

“Some pain you can distance yourself from, but a headache sits right where you live.”

My main problem is that I don’t care about Jorg, I find myself caring a little bit about some of the secondary characters before that care dissipates or they are killed. I just don’t think someone aged 14 or 18 can be this intimidating and he does have his Deus Ex Machina moments whenever it is necessary! Also why is he so obsessed with his aunt and why do they want him to marry a 12 year old girl?

This makes me question the grimadark part of the series, I read books with milder elements yet I thought that they belong to this genre more just because I felt they had a purpose, King of thorns had these elements but I failed to see the purpose of them here other than being a shock factor! I don’t know what rape and pedophilia and animal abuse added to the story and if they were a way to redeem the characters it certainly did not work for me!

The plot is not bad but at this point I don’t think it is a good enough reason to make me continue the series! I think I will try to find a summary and see what happens in the last book but I don’t wanna read it as their are very few chances that I would like it.

“We die a little every day and by degrees we’re reborn into different men, older men in the same clothes, with the same scars.”

Summary: Unfortunately I did not enjoy this book as much as I wanted to, It started good and I thought it would be better than book 1 but then the second half I was reading just to finish the book. The writing is good and so is the plot but they do not compensate for the confusion I had and for the dark elements that did not work for me. I will not continue this series but I am very excited for Red Sister which will be my next book by the author!

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