Full Tilt Boogie, Vol 1 Review

Paperback, 64 Pages
Graphic novel/ YA/ Sci-fi
By: Alex de Campi, Eduardo Oca
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I am very thankful for Rebellion Publishing for sending me a copy of this in exchange of an honest review. This is my first ever graphic novel in physical format which was exciting but it does not affect my opinion/ rating of this one.

I am a very visual person in general, that’s why graphic novels are enjoyable to me and I am easier to please when it comes to this format, I just need the font and the graphics to be clear and easy to read and I think this novel did that in a very well manner!

I first came upon the book and immediately thought it looks like Saga -AKA my favorite graphic novels- which I later found it is marketed as with a mix of Avatar TLAB. I can’t say that I got the latter vibes but I definitely got Saga vibes from this one. Another problem was that in GR, the synopsis says it is a standalone which is not true

The story follows Tee, her grandmother and her cat which is called cat! They go on a mission to collect some money rescuing a prince from a group of debtors and they find themselves in the middle of a war after that!

The story is very engaging and easy to read, I read the whole thing in less than an hour, the characters are very likable and I loved the humor. My favorite character has to be the grandma because let’s be honest, grandmas are the best! The world is big and I think we just discover a small part of it.

I liked almost everything about the story, the only thing I am criticizing is the length because I wanted more, I would not have minded a 100-200 more pages! I know each page takes a lot of time to get produced so I hope the next volumes are a little bit longer!

Summary: Full Tilt Boogie is the first volume in what I believe will be an awesome graphic novel series! I liked the characters, the plot, the world-building and the graphic parts (Illustrations and font). I think I just wanted it to be a bit longer because this felt like a prologue and I am already anticipating the next book!

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