The Four Suitors Review

Paperback, 302 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Sophie Jupillat Posey
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

I received the request to review this book late 2019 and I only actually received the physical cope months later due to our *Awesome* postal services. I did not get into immediately and then the pandemic started in March and as a doctor, I continued reading but I was not in the mood to read YA books and here we are 1 year later where I finally finished it. I am mentioning this for two reasons: I apologize for the author for taking so much time and because my book taste has actually changed pretty much from that specific time to the current day.

When I received the review request I was actually starting to lean toward adult fantasy and distancing myself from YA novels. But the synopsis sounded good to me. As the book title suggests, Princess Laetitia gets to choose a husband among four suitors. She gets to know them and learn their crafts and marry the one she connects to best!

I so have some problems with the book, it felt like a typical YA novel for me, Laetitia is like all the other princess I read about, she is like the smartest and the most courageous and she is gonna save everyone but she is also annoying! The rest of the characters were too convenient to move the story. I felt their crafts were picked to help the princess when she needs the help. At one point one of the suitors “invent” the microscope because he has some expertise with astrology and telescopes so he just casually invents the microscope and names it -yeah, you guessed it- “Microscope”! As a doctor I did not like this part or how they used the microscope..etc, it felt inaccurate to me!

The world building can also use some expanding because we don’t understand the world as I would have liked to. We get what is necessary for the story and that’s it. I don’t feel I have a larger understanding of the world!

The writing per se is not bad and I have read some of Posey’s other works and I know she can write but I felt that this one did not reflect her full abilities. I was bored to be honest at some points but I can accept that since I mentioned I grew out of the genre.

Summary: The Four Suitors is kind of a typical YA story that I read a lot of in the past. The writing, characters and world-building were not bad, but I know they could have better. The romance did not work for me and I need to remind you to take this review with a grain of salt as I don’t read much YA these days!

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