Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It Review

E-Book, 272 Pages
Non-Fiction, Psychology
By: Ethan Kross
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 3/4

“However it manifests itself, when the inner voice runs amok and chatter takes the mental microphone, our mind not only torments but paralyzes us. It can also lead us to do things that sabotage us.”

I am going to start the review by thanking my friend Aadi for the recommendation. The book wasn’t actually on my Radar until they told me about it and since I am a fan of psychology and science I got a copy ASAP and read it immediately.

The last few months have been some of the strangest in my life and I had so much chatter in my brain to the degree it was depressing. I am naturally an anxious person and I am always overthinking and I thought this book might help me. I tried some of the techniques and I can say they helped me a bit but those are things that should be integrated into the life style so seeing actual results will surely take more time.

The writing is very digestible, it is a scientific book without being flooded with all the weird jargon. I think it is a book that could be read by all people! I just expected to have material, like what is the origin of that voice and why do some people not have it (not pathologically) and readers should be aware that there’s a notes section (like references) and it is about 30% of the book length so the actual material is not that long.

I liked some of the examples and psychological theories explained. There was one point I really liked that “a robust body of new research has demonstrated that when we experience distress, engaging in introspection often does significantly more harm than good.” And I think I am gonna implement that more in my life.

“our inner voice can be both a liability and an asset. The words streaming through our heads can unravel us, but they can also drive us toward meaningful accomplishments…if we know how to control them.”

Summary: I enjoyed the book and I think it could be helpful when the theory is applied which is harder than it sounds. The book itself was easy to read and not that long given the notes length. There was a good summary at the end which I loved and I think all non-fiction book should have!

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