The Bitter Twins Review

Paperback, 624 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Jen Williams
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œGet ready, my darlings. We are going to fuck them up.”

It is hard to talk about this book without spoiling it or even spoiling the first book so I am going to try and make this short. This book events take events after the explosive events of the first book and the beginning of this one was much better than the first book because there was a since of familiarity rather than the confusion found in the first book.

Williams has a great writing style and the characters have different voices and characters which makes the multiple POVs a safe choice for this book. The new characters include the newly hatched creatures and it was just amusing to discover their characters and how they bond with their partners.

The world-building is exquisite and I can’t help but get the studio Ghibli vibes from this book with its giant alien bugs and the oozing creatures which is vibrant in my brain. Williams is sneaky because she provides an answer but a new question at the same time which keeps the reader drawn to the story and wanting more.

The pacing is certainly better than the first book, it started pretty well for me but it slows around the middle and picks up again toward the ending and it follows the steps of the first book where the last chapters are the best in the book and they left me wanting more. I think the plot is a bit predictable in this one -from the synopsis itself I could tell what will happen in half of the book- and for some reason less memorable than the events of the first book. For that reason, I am giving it 4 stars which is the same rating I gave the first book and I think both are awesome!

Summary: A great entry to what I believe should be a way more hyped series. I like how unique the story is and although the main plot is not new, Williams put her own touch and twists upon the story to make it her own. I love the characters and creatures and I am so hyped for book three!

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