A Spindle Splintered

E-book, 128 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Retellings
By: Alix E.Harrow

I will never ever get bored of fairy tales because my love of reading spurted from these stories. I grew up reading and watching those fairy tales so seeing Harrow deciding to write a series of novellas with retellings of these stories just give me a boost of serotonin.

This is a Sleeping beauty retelling and it starts by explaining how dull the original story is. I have to confess that the protagonist -And the author- make very valid points of the sleeping beauty’s passivity and how it is a sexist story.

Harrow’s writing is great and I felt it was more simplistic than her usual purple prose in her full novels and I think this suits the novella form better. I think the writing is very digestible and goes with the spirit of the story but at the same time, there were good quotes here and there.

The characters are interesting and it is surprisingly a multiverse story trying to combine the different Sleeping beauties stories and putting them under a new perspective and I have to say that I enjoyed this idea as it is creative and smart. I did not know about the different narratives and I liked he twists the author added.

It is kind of predictable but that is not a bad thing at all because it is a retelling so we kind of know where this is going. I did not expect our main protagonist to be the main character in book two as I thought they will be unrelated stories but looks like I am wrong and they are indeed connected.

Summary: I really enjoyed this novella with its creative and fresh look on the sleeping beauty story. The writing is simple and the story is fast paced. I love fairy tale stories and this was no different, I am definitely continuing the series!

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