In a Holidaze Review

E-book, 307 Pages
Adult/ Romance
By: Christina Lauren
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

โ€œThe only person whose expectations you have to live up to is yourself.โ€

I wanted to read this because I was in the mood for something light and because it is holiday season and there couldn’t be a better time for picking this up. I did not know what the book is about. I just enjoyed Autoboyography by the authors and The Unhoneymooners so I thought I would love this as much and unfortunately I didn’t!

My problem with the book that the plot felt too overused for me, the book and most reviews mention the movie Groundhog day which I never saw but I have seen very similar things in movies, cartoons as a kid and even in books! I did not know that the book would involve time travel -which I have no problems with- but I was looking for something fluffier I guess.

The second problem was that I did not care that much about the characters, I wanted to see where the story is going but I knew it was the kind of story that I will forget as soon as I finish it. Mae and Andrew felt like YA characters many times to me and I think there was telling rather than showing, specially when the characters were introduced for Mae and it felt very forced!

Usually, these books give me feelings and I am rooting for the couple and waiting for the ship to sail! I did not think it was the case here. However, it was not bad either so I finished it in less than two days and I had some fun reading it.

โ€œItโ€™ll be okay. Things always look worse from the inside.โ€

Summary: I went into this blindly and I think that was not a wise choice as I expected something different. The book is not bad per se but I felt I have lived this story through different formats many times before. It was not bad but it was just average and I expected more from the authors. I am still interested in their works and will give them more chances as I loved two of their books already!

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