January Wrap Up

Can’t believe January is already over, like two days ago it was the end of the year! January is mu birthday month and I turned 26 this year! It was a snowy day and these are rare here, the last time it snowed properly in my town was in 2013 so to have snow exactly in the day of my birthday made it extra special! Reading wise, I slowed down and there were days when I was too tired to read and I did not get stressed about it, I ended up reading 12 books with an average rating of 3.89 🌟. Here are those books:

The Mark of Athena 3.75 ★

The Heroes of Olympus, Book Three The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, The  Book Three) (The Heroes of Olympus, 3): Riordan, Rick: 9781423142003:  Amazon.com: Books

Where The drowned Girls Go 4 ★

Cytonic 3.5 ★

Amazon.com: Cytonic (The Skyward Series Book 3) eBook : Sanderson, Brandon:  Kindle Store

The Crown Tower 4 ★

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan

Heart Bones 4 ★

51007311. sy475

The QI Book of Animals 4 ★

QI The Pocket Book of Animals: Amazon.co.uk: Lloyd, John, Mitchinson, John:  9780571245130: Books

Hall of Bones 3.75 ★

59665893. sy475

We Men of Ash & Shadows 4 ★

54908016. sy475

The Best Men 4 ★


The Forever King 4 ★


Reminders of Him 4.25 ★

58341222. sy475

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous 3.5 ★

41880609. sy475
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