The Forever King Review

E-Book, 664 Pages
Adult/ Epic/ Fantasy
By: Ben Galley
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“Wars are fought in the mind and heart just as much as on battlefields.”

I have been meaning to read Galley’s books for a very long time now because I saw a lot of praise for them. In general, I am a big believer of reading books in the publishing order so I would have preferred to read this after finishing the Emaneska series but I can’t just read 4 books to get into one finalist as I have limited time to read. As the author and many reviewers mentioned; this can be read and enjoyed without reading the original series. I did not feel that the story is missing something but inside me, I knew it would have been a better experience if I had read the first series before jumping into this book.

We are provided with a kind of summary of the important events of the first series and then we are thrown into an action scene that sets off the story. And speaking of action scenes, let me tell you how good and “colorful” are these scenes in the book. Out of the finalists I read thus far, this had the most epic battles which were very nice to imagine and as I just mentioned, they were vibrant in my imagination which is something that only a few books can provoke in me.

‘So you see me as a tool?’ The mage tapped his sword hilt. ‘In war, tools are called weapons, Mithrid.’

The prose is good, I liked the excerpts at the beginning of each chapter. I highlighted many quotes and passages so I understand why Galley is such a successful author. The second half is easier to read than the first one because the first part is info-dumpy and slower. (which I believe reading the original series would have helped with)

There is a wide cast of characters and there are Dragons and other creatures too which add to the interesting world-building. Mithrid is an interesting character and she does have her flaws that makes her borderline annoying sometimes. Both of the kings are intriguing and seeing Loki there was just the addition that I needed!

“Loki flashed a smile and sighed dramatically. ‘What is a dog to a king, Malvus Barkhart?’ Malvus narrowed his eyes. ‘Nothing.’ ‘Then what is a king to a god?’ Loki answered.”

Summary: I enjoyed my first book by Galley for the most part. I really liked the prose the world-building and characters. On my part, I would have preferred reading the first series before. On the author’s part, I would have preferred less info dumping, a quicker pace at some points and slight distance from some of the typical tropes in the genre!

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