The Lost Hero review

Paperback, 576 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Mythology
By: Rick Riordan
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ 3/4

โ€œYou must forge your own path for it to mean anything.โ€

PJ was the first series I ever finished and so it will always be special to me. I am a big fan of mythology and I bought this series after I finished the original one but never got to reading it. I mainly read adult books these days but I always wanted to read more Riordan books. I enjoyed this one but I have some criticism.

The writing is suitable for the age group it is intended for. I can’t go complaining that it felt like it was written for children because it really is written that way! Riordan will always be the king of mythology and I loved how he included Roman mythology in this series.

The characters were good but I did not like them as much as I liked the original characters. I felt that everything happened fast and the characters reaction to finding that they were demi-gods was a bit unrealistic and they even developed their powers very fast. It was a bit too convenient.

The Greek mythology mixed with Roman mythology was fresh and smart. I had a similar idea for a novel once but I did not know uncle Rick beat me to it ages ago. I played Hades at the beginning of this year so that enhanced my experience regarding the Gods and how I imagined them.

The plot was good and interesting but it was a bit too fast, questions were asked and answered and then new questions popped up and it was very dynamic but I think the readers should have more time to absorb everything! I can see that the story will be bigger and we will have more heroes and I hope that I can connect to the story better with the next installments!

Summary: A good and enjoyable story with a simple writing style mixed with humor and fast pacing. I believe it was different from my usual reads and I would like to see where it goes.

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