The Mortal Blade Review

E-Book, 446 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Christopher Mitchell
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ 1/2

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The Mortal Blade starts in a very interesting way with a demigod changing her appearance and going for an assassination and it got my attention quite fast. I usually read the synopsis before jumping into any book but for SPFBO I am not doing that because I want to go blind as possible and I don’t want to see reviews and ratings and get biased. The story is one that involves politics mainly and it follows 4 main characters.

The prose was average, it is the kind of prose that is easy to read and follow, not bad at all but not very memorable either. I wanted to highlight more quotes that I resonated with but unfortunately there were not many.

There are four characters and the chapters move between them subsequently. First we have Aila, the aforementioned demigod who happens to sympathize and help humans which is rare among these deities! She can create illusions and make people perceive her as she wants which is interesting. She was probably my favorite POV. Second is Corthie, a human champion who fights with the blades. He is a mortal but he seems to be more than that because he has powers that mortals are not supposed to have and is kind of immune to the demigods powers. Third is Maddie who is given a secret mission and I have to confess I hated her at first but she grows a lot through the story and finally we have Daniel who I had mixed feelings about. Initially the focus is how he is a part of nobility and how his moms tries to control his life but after that things take a different turn and his arc seems a bit distant from the rest of the story which made caring about him harder.

The story has an average pacing with middle-length chapters. I was interested in the story but I was waiting for something big with each chapter and I never got that. It seems like the whole book is trying to set the stage for something larger and then I checked the book page on GR and was surprised to see it is a part of an ambitious 12 books series -I thought it was a trilogy- which made things make more sense for me! I really want to know what happens with Aila and more about Corthie but I feel it takes dedication and some risk to finish a series this long. I don’t think the length of the series is a con but I just wanted more from the first book!

Summary: Overall, I think this book is good. It has good writing and pacing. The world building is interesting too. I just wanted more from the story in terms of the story line and characters. I am still interested in the characters and I want more answers but I don’t know if a 12 series book is something I can commit to currently!

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