Reign & Ruin Review

E-Book, 420 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy Romance
By: J.D. Evans
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Read this as a guest judge (With FanFiAddict) for SPFBO 7.

I have seen some mixed thoughts about this book prior to reading it mainly because of the romance sub-genre. Some of the fantasy readers are as far as possible from your typical romance novel and some readers like me read romance novels (cheesy ones even) for fun.

I don’t think the sub-genre affected my rating at all. I just read a lot of YA fantasy a few years ago until they started to become repetitive some how and I think this was a bit clichéd too. Although the romance is there and it is a very big part of the story, it is still a story full of magic and political intrigue.

The story is told through two main POVs and it alternates between Naime and Makram, both of who are interesting. On one hand, I liked that the female protagonist was not stereotypical in the sense that she needed saving and someone to lift her up. In fact, she was a very good and dependable leader. Makram was also not your typical alpha male that wanted to save and control the female. On the other hand, the romance between them is a slow-burn one in the sense that “things” take time to happen between them despite them falling in love for each other instantly merely based on their looks. (Which gave me the YA vibes)

From the get go, the author focuses on the magic system which entails 6 different houses paired into two opposing houses on each side. The magic system is interesting and it kind of exceeded what I was expecting from the story. The plot itself is also kind of predictable specially toward the end.

Summary: I think it was an okay read for me, I did not hate it at all but I did not fell in love with it. Based on my previous reads, it won’t be memorable for a long time for me. The writing is good but their were some clichés when it comes to the characters. Kinda reminds me of many of my YA reads.

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