Grey Sister Review

Paperback, 390 Pages
Adult/ fantasy
By: Mark Lawrence
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œIt’s when your power is taken, or given, away that you discover who your friends are, brother. There’s a lesson for us all in that.”

Middle books in trilogies always scare me because they can make or break a series and I guess that’s where middle book syndrome came from. I am very happy to say that I loved this one as much as I loved book one but for slightly different reasons.

I have a not so good relationship with Mark’s first books but the later books till now worked pretty well for me so I am kind of proud of Lawrence for the progression in his narrative voice. This particular book differs from the previous one in that it has multiple POVs with the addition of Abbess Glass and sister Kettle and I simply loved this addition.

The story takes place a couple of years after book one and so Nona is now in Mystic class and that’s how the story begins. This particular part with the addition of the new mysterious character and school settings all gave me Nevernight vibes but with better writing. I enjoy the school setting but this book steered a bit away from this story line into the outside world and it does so brilliantly with a good chance of going back to the school in the next book.

Nona, Ara, Zole, Glass and the sisters are all well written and full of surprises. I think there is a lot of focus on friendships and betrayals in this book and I can see romance blooming but I don’t know where it is going. I loved the characterization and the progress in this book!

β€œNever be so focused on picking a lock that you forget kicking down the door is also an option.”

Summary: I feel I don’t have much to say about this one because for the most part, everything went very well for me. The writing was very smart, the characters are memorable and the plot was very interesting. I believe that book three will simply be awesome and I will be finding that out soon.

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