Legends & Lattes Review

E-book, 318 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ LGBT/ Slice of Life
By: Travis Baldree
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Legends & Lattes is a trending fantasy book that is just too wholesome! Apparently the author Travis Baldree is a great audiobook narrator but since I am not good at listening to audiobooks, It was my first time hearing of him. Looks like he was hiding his writing talent though because this was so good.

This is like a contemporary story taking place in an epic fantasy world but the story starts after the usual big quest with our protagonist Viv deciding to pursue something new and start her own coffee shop. This was such an intriguing idea and the execution is exquisite.

The book is short and fast and can be finished in a day or two. I loved the writing style specially when it comes to descriptions. I am one of the few humans who don’t drink coffee but the drinks and food in this book were so well described that they made me want to visit Viv’s shop and order everything on their menu.

The characters are introduced gradually and everything is simple that it is very easy to follow and read. Viv, Cal and Thimble are all characters that will stick with me and the found family trope is one of my favorite tropes (It gave me The House in the Cerulean Sea vibes) and it also discusses the importance of pursuing our dreams and of friendships.

The book is predictable but it was not a problem at all. Once again, the fantasy here is more of a setting rather than a central thing to the story yet it made the story so unique. It was one of the stories that I dived into without having to overthink everything and it simple worked.

Summary: A great standalone that was just my cup of tea (Pun intended). The writing, characters and world-building all worked greatly for me. I haven’t heard of the author before but I will certainly keep an eye on his future works from now on as this was a cute and fast read and just what I needed!

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