The Butterfly Garden review

E-Book, 276 Pages
Adult/ Thriller/ Horror
By: Dot Hutchison
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“I think a trauma doesn’t stop just because you’ve been rescued.”

I added this book in 2016 according to my GR shelves which means I have added it close to its publication. In fact, I remember seeing rave reviews about it and I was new to GR so I added it. In the following years, I became a much more pickier reader and I removed many of the books I added earlier as I simply lost interest in them. The Butterfly Garden was not one of them, for some reason, I still was interested in it and kept it on my shelves and after 5 years, I finally read it.

The thing about books of this kind is that they’re good but not memorable. The book was a success back then but I don’t see many people talking about it nowadays. For me, I thought it was just an okay novel.

The book is supposed to be a thriller and usually thrillers leave me on my toes anticipating what is going to happen which was not the case here. The book is told in first and third person’s point of view with the protagonist flashbacks telling us the story of her capture. The problem is that although the writing is not bad, it felt too cold and apathetic. I needed to feel more things from the book but I unfortunately didn’t.

The plot was interesting enough to make me continue the story but at the same time, I felt it was slow and I wanted more from it. The finale is kind of abrupt and serves to add another twist which really didn’t impress me.

Summary: I thought it was an okay book that I will probably forget in a couple of weeks. The writing is good but the pacing is slow and the protagonist is cold which makes the story kind of hard to care for. I am glad I got it off my TBR and I am not reading the rest of the series!

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