Upgrade Review

E-Book, 352 Pages
Adult/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller
By: Blake Crouch

โ€œHigher intelligence doesn’t make you less greedy or self-centered or evil. It doesn’t necessarily make you a good person.โ€

I loved Crouch’s Dark Matter, his Recursion novel did not work out for me (Still not sure if it really was not for me or if I read it at the wrong time) and I was looking forward to his next novel to see if I would enjoy it and for the most part it seems that I did.

I am also a fan of genetics (Look at my blog’s logo and post divider and it is not hard to see that) and I originally wanted to study genetics engineering before I changed into medicine school so when I saw this book dealt with genetics I was really excited.

The story follows Logan Ramsey who is suddenly upgraded (hence the story name) and he starts to see the world in a whole different way. To be honest, the idea is not new and it has been done before in many novels (Flowers for Algernon) and movies. Crouch’s version is a bit more plot-driven and action-packed. There is always an ethical dilemma in these kind of stories and we find it in this novel too.

The genetics part was well researched, I studied most of those concepts in medicine school so it was an easy read for me technical wise and I think the way it is told is accessible for the general readers too. The pacing is fast and the story was a quick read for me. I think it is predictable to a certain point but the author did a few choices that were weird/ interesting after the first part ended and I still can’t decide if it is a good or bad thing.

Summary: I enjoyed the concept in this book despite it being a bit too scientific for the general reader and also despite reading/ watching it before. I think the fast pacing make it hard to put down kind of novel but I wanted some more focus on the characters. The story started very strong but it then loses some of it’s magic at the middle point. I don’t want to think too much about it and I am mostly rating it based on how much I enjoy it.

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