September TBR

🌟 September last year was the month when I found my favorite read of the year so I hope it is the case for this year too. Don’t disappoint me boy. Here is what I am planning to read this month:


2- Bonds of Chaos

3- You and I, Rewritten

4- Leaders Eat Last

5- Lord Edgware Dies

6- The Exile

7- Red Seas Under Red Skies

8- Carrie Soto is Back

🌟 So this is my September TBR, I don’t know how much I will be able to read so I kept it rational! If I finished those, I will be very happy and anything plus will be excellent! Do you have a TBR and what books do we have in common?

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH!

    Scott Lynch book 2! I love Locke Lamora but I never got into reading the sequel and seeing you planning to read it now makes me so guilty.

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  2. An Agatha Christy? In the end I used to read the first three chapters and then moved on to the last one to see if I got my deductions right (it was usually 50/50) since I became aware that the whole mystery hangs upon a little detail hidden in the beginning of the book. In the end I gave up on her books since her murderers were very often drive by very petty motives. In my rush to get the scope of your post I was first reading “Leaders eat fast”. Had to chuckle when I gave that one a second look. Made me think too about the royal protocol where the queen gets served first, but has to wait with starting eating till the last guest is served. After which her food is so cold that they usually have to serve her another plate. And when she puts down her cutlery, then that’s the end of dinner for everyone else.

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  3. I love Agatha Christie and usually read one of her books per month. Her books don’t always work for me but it is fascinating that they were written a century ago!
    Interesting, I did not know that about the Queen 😀


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