Daughter of Redwinter Review

E-Book, 343 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Ed McDonald
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I don’t know how this compares to McDonald’s other series because it is my first time reading the author but I quite enjoyed it. If the first series has a different tone and is indeed better maybe the expectations would make this a less amusing read but from an objective point of view, it was well written.

We are thrown immediately into the heart of the story and I kind of liked that. The author expects us to be a bit patient and make the connection later and I had no problems with that as I was never really confused by the story itself as I was immersed in the story. The story follows 17 year old Raine who can see the dead. Sounds cool until you know it is kind of a cursed ability and stigmatized and is sort of a death sentence. When she does a kind act and saves an injured woman in the snow, her life is turned upside down and the actual story begins.

Raine was an interesting protagonist. Her age is a bit tricky in this novel as 17 is usually the age of a YA protagonist but the story has adult themes and writing which makes it somewhere in the middle with NA vibes. You can tell that there will be the angst of a teenager in this story but also the development of Raine was good so it was not that big of a deal.

I loved the world-building; the ghosts -faded- and the lady with the feathers and also the magic system were all simple yet very intriguing aspects of the story. It was not very easy to see where the story was going which is both a good and a bad thing but it was interesting enough to hold my attention till the end which was well done and leaves space for the next entry without the dreaded cliffhanger.

Summary: My first time reading the author’s works and it won’t be the last one. The story starts abruptly with some action and I enjoyed that. The writing is good, the world building is even better and the characters felt real. I will be continuing this one in the future.

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