The Soulmate Equation Review

Paperback, 355 Pages
Adult/ Contemporary Romance
By: Christina Lauren

โ€œDestiny could also be a choice, she realized. To believe or not, to be vulnerable or not, to go all in or not.โ€

This was the book of the month at a local bookstore and I read and enjoyed a few books by the authors so I decided to give it a go. The story follows Jess who is put on a trial for an upcoming matchmaking company called GeneticAlly which is basically like Tinder but uses genetics to determine compatibility. Jess has a very high score for a match with non-other than the company’s founder Dr.River Pena and since Jess works with statistics she find the numbers hard to believe.

This was a mix of the usual modern contemporary romance voice mixed with humor and a bit of nerdy science. The idea is really intriguing and the authors present it in a way that makes it fun and never bore the readers with info dumps. The story is a contemporary one at the end of the day and it takes place in the real world but despite that, I enjoyed the world-building around this new app that the book revolves around.

Jess is an awesome protagonist. She’s not perfect but I loved how she cares a lot about her daughter and I also loved the way her relationship with mother was portrayed. Dr.Pena is kind of grouchy and it gives the vibes of enemies to lovers although it is not practically that.

The story is predictable but I did not mind that. It is just a fast and fun read for me with a kind of an obvious yet an important message. I think it is a fluffy and nerdy story that does not need overthinking to enjoy.

Summary: It was a cute, feel good kind of reads for me with a sprinkle of science. Very well written with nice characters and a predictable plot. I am keeping my eye on their next releases too for sure.

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