Carrie Soto is Back Review

E-Book, 384 Pages
Adult/ Contemporary/ Sports
By: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œWe live in a world where exceptional women have to sit around waiting for mediocre men.”

After reading Evelyn Hugo I became a fan of TJR and read everything she wrote. I don’t even read the synopsis of her books because they always seem like they are not going to work for me and I end up enjoying them. I am not into sports and barely know anything about Tennis and that did not affect my enjoyment of the book and that’s what is great about it. If you’re like me and not into sports then it is totally okay because that’s not really what the story is about but if you like sports and tennis then that is even better because you will certainly get a better enhanced reading experience.

In art there are artists who draw realistic paintings and then there are those elite artists who do hyper-realistic paintings that can be mistaken for a picture or even something out of real life and I think TJR is a hyper-realistic author when it comes to characters. I do love a good character driven story and there are many authors who do that but I think TJR is on a whole different level because she convinces the reader that her characters exist in out world. I swear to God I thought Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones were real characters and the same goes for Carrie Soto. My friends told me the same so I know many readers experience this too.

The funny thing is that Carrie Soto is not a likable character. She is basically very good at what she does but she wants to be the best ever and she doesn’t care what she does to get there. Despite that we find ourselves cheering for her and getting sad when she loses a match. The story is mostly about Carrie and her father and the relationship was depicted very very well.

The writing is more than good, the story sucks you into it from the first page and doesn’t let you go until you’re done with it. The plot is a bit expect-able but it is not really a problem because it is the best direction that the story can go in and I enjoyed the discussions along the way about women and minorities in real life and in sports.

β€œOne of the great injustices of this rigged world we live in is that women are considered to be depleting with age and men are somehow deepening.”

Summary: TJR is back with another great story that showed me how a good author can make you like things you’re not really into. The writing and characters were super realistic and the story was intriguing a lot with very important messages. I will read whatever Reid comes up with next!

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