Soulkeeper Review

E-Book, 704 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: David Dalglish
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/4

There are a bunch of authors that I wanted to read as soon as I got into adult fantasy. Some of these include Michael J Sullivan, Brian McClellan, RJ Barker and many others including David Dalglish. For some reason I had a good feeling about his books and I even got gifted a copy of Soulkeeper through an online bookstore but never got the copy which sucks and which made me postpone reading it for the longest time.

What I can tell with a quick glance at the GR page of the book is that it is a very underrated series. It deserves a higher average rating and it deserves more than just 1300 reviews. I don’t understand why aren’t more people are reading this great book.

I was also a bit intimidated by the length but to be honest it was a fast read and I finished the 700 pages in 3 days. The flow of the story is very consistent and I did not feel like there were parts that I was bored while reading. I enjoyed the author’s note about how the idea of the story came to him and I am very glad he listened to his publisher and editor and did not do the time jump because this book shows us how old and dark powers are awakening which was not the usual story telling he originally wanted to go for.

It is my first book by Dalglish so I did not know what to expect from the writing but the first few chapters were enough to let me know that he writes well and is experienced. I loved the writing style mixing between action, humor and wholesomeness.

The characters were all well written, the chapter headers change depending on whose POV we are reading and they are written in 3rd person point of view which was a good choice to prevent confusion. Devin, Adria, Tommy and Jacaranda were all unique and added something to the story. Not only that but each character got different powers with the awakening of those deities and I liked that.

Speaking of powers and deities, I really really liked the world building. I loved how everything seemed connected from the dragons to the magical powers to the order of creatures and we gradually get to discover the world preventing it from becoming overwhelming. We also have Tesmarie and Puffy who are cute AF!

Summary: This is my first time reading Dalglish books and definitely not the last. I really liked everything about this story from the writing style to the characters and world-building and the plot. I don’t know if his earlier works are as good but I sure as hell know I will be continuing this series and discovering his future works.

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  1. This is a stellar review for your standards. Have to check up on this one: my feed is usually clogged with reviewers of teenage fantasy (don’t know why I didn’t clean that up yet).

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