TTT: Top 10 Authors I’d Love to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018! Today’s theme is Top 10 Authors I’d love to meet.

In no particular order here are the authors:

1- Leigh Bardugo

Image result for leigh bardugo

I think many will pick Bardugo in this TTT simply because she’s an amazing author. I love her books and she wrote my favorite book so it is only logical that I want to meet her!

2- Fredrik Backman

Image result for Fredrik backman

I am in love with Backman’s writing and so I would like to meet him and discuss some bookish things.

3- Marie Lu

Image result for Marie Lu

Marie is a great author and a great person too. She can write, she can draw and she likes video games, we would be BFF!

4- Jeff Zentner

Image result for jeff zentner

I have been following Jeff’s twitter for a while and he is a wonderful person. I think he’s so humble and cool despite all the success and fame he has. I wish him all the best.

5- Victoria Schwab

Image result for victoria schwab

I had the same idea for the vicious book, I could have never written it as good as Victoria though. I always have villainous ideas whenever I think of her and she will be an amazing person to meet!

6- Adam Silvera

Related image

Adam is so tall and I can’t imagine standing next to him xD

7- Laini Taylor

Image result for Laini taylor

I like to call her aunt Laini, because she gives me the vibes of a kind and cool aunt. Her writing style is literally magical! I would like to meet her for sure.

8- Brandon Sanderson

Related image

Sanderson is a legend when it comes to writing Fantasy, I know he also teaches creative writing and would like to learn a trick or two from him!

9- Cassandra Clare:

Image result for cassandra clare

I haven’t read anything by Cassie yet, but I swear that I like her as a person. I like how she stands up against haters, how she keeps writing book after another and haters gonna hate. Next year will be my Cassandra year when will I read her books 🙂

10- Rick Riordan

Image result for rick riordan

Uncle Rick is awesome and one of the reasons why I read much these days. He writes Mythology of all types which is my favorite thing ever.

Those were my picks and I think there are others that I missed but It is not like I am going to meet any in the near time. “Happy Meeting” I guess?!



  1. I’d love to meet Stephen King, but i’d probably faint from excitement on the spot 😀
    Fredrik Backman would be nice to meet too. Probably would be less dramatic tho.

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  2. i want to meet brandson sanderson so I can give him my support group therapy bills after all the emotional pain he put me through in mistborn

    but seriously great list, I feel like schwab and leigh would be so chill to hang out with irl

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  3. I’d pee my pants if I really got the chance to meet Uncle Rick, I just love him and his books so much!!

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  4. I think his earlier books are a bit more twisty, and pack more punches. I enjoyed Revival (don’t 100% remember how it ended tho), but the books he wrote recently are not like the ones he used to do. I love the way he tells a story tho, so for me it’s still just as enjoyable 🙂

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  5. Of course…. such a great list!! haha. I wouldn’t want to meet Brandon Sanderson.. yet. I just got The Way of Kings and it will be my first book by him!

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