The Boy Who Steals Houses Review

Paperback, 347 Pages
Fiction/ Contemporary/ YA/ Retellings
By: C.G. Drews
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œHe’s officially taken house burglary to the next level. Forget stealing a bed, a key, a home for the night. He’s stealing families and their Sunday lunches.”

🌟 I consider miss Drews a role model for me and I am sure that extends to many other writers/ readers and bloggers. I mean she is one of us and she is a living proof that our dreams are possible when we work hard.

🌟 There are some “authors” who got a contract because they were just famous people and it shows in their less than average books! Miss Drews, despite being a famous blogger deserves her place in the publishing world. I loved her debut “A Thousand Perfect Notes” and now she blesses us with a gender-bent Goldilocks retelling.

🌟 This book is easy to go through in 1 or 2 sittings. This is probably because it is directed toward younger readers but it was still enjoyable for me. The first thought I had after finishing both of her books is that this is the kind of books I want my children to read in the future. This books delves into darker topics as abuse and abandonment. There are more themes throughout the book but if I was going to choose one major theme then I would say it is definitely about families!

🌟 Sam and Avery, our main characters were both fleshed out. Avery has autism and I think the representation was very good, I also just finished another book with an autistic rep by an own-voice author and it was similar to this one so I think miss Drews did her research. I am always happy to read accurate medical representations for my future!
Sam reminds me of my uncle, or at least the stories my mother tells me about him when he was younger. I don’t know if it was deliberate but Sam came to me as someone who has a intermittent explosive disorder which is so befitting given his background.

β€œNo, please. It’s – you’re allowed to hurt. It’s not a contest.”

🌟 I have seen some reviews saying that this is a sad book but I think it is more than that and it is about finding hope in the strangest of places. The book may be dark but it has a realistic satisfying ending. Definitely reading the author’s future works :D.


  1. Wonderful review!! I definitely agree that Drews is such an inspiration to me, as a blogger! I love her! I really adored ATPN, and I can’t wait to read this one! I don’t mind books being sad, so long as they feel realistic and genuine! πŸ’•

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