The Last Wish Review

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Ebook, 292 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Short Stories
By: Andrzej Sapkowski, Danusia Stok (Translator)
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œThere’s a grain of truth in every fairy tale”

🌟 One reason that made me the reader I am today are fairy tales! I grew up reading them and I like how they usually deliver a full story in the least number of words!

🌟 Do you know what else I love? I think you do because I am always shouting this but I love mythology! This book is based on Slavic mythology (At least that’s what Google tells me so correct me if I am wrong.) and it is my first time venturing into this world and as usual, I loved it.

🌟 I read this for 2 main reasons: it is going to be a Netflix show so I needed to get into it before it is too late, The box set had a good price online and I wanted to know if I should get it, the short answer is that I did not and you will understand why at the end of this review.

🌟 The writing was good. I guess for a series started in last century, it would not be fair to criticize it in today’s standards! The writing was enjoyable although sometimes a bit confusing! The stories are kind of predictable and repetitive! There is a curse an it has to do with love and some random person turns into an animal! At least that’s what I felt. The endings of some of these stories felt a bit cryptic and not direct and I had to actually think a bit about what it meant and then check it online. Maybe part of that is explained by the translation so I can never be 100% sure!

β€œNonsense,” said the witcher. “And what’s more, it doesn’t rhyme. All decent predictions rhyme.”

🌟 The characters were unique and fleshed out but I can not say that I was a big fan of any! The Main characters are all good, Geralt can be a Gary Stu sometimes so some readers may not like that! I had a problem with the other secondary characters in each story because I had troubles getting all those names into my brain and they were not easy names!

🌟 The world building is cool. I wanted to learn more about this mythology and that’s exactly what I got! I also liked the fact that we are thrown into these stories but it felt familiar and I was quickly a part of that world. I really liked this part of the author’s writing!

🌟 I need to mention that I am not familiar with this series form the games so I am totally unbiased here! I just saw that it is recommended to start with the 2 short story collections and then the main series. Many readers were saying that those 2 anthologies are the best in the series and although I enjoyed this one and I will read the second one, I heard the main series is more political, less mythological and has a different translator (This one was better?) and that it gets more dense! I was afraid to get into the series and not enjoy it as much as I did here so I refrained from buying the box but will read the first book in the main series and decide what to do from there if it makes sense!

β€œNo. I’ve no time to waste. Winter’s coming.”

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