A Court of Mist and Fury

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Paperback, 626 Pages
NA/ Fantasy/ Romance
By: Sarah J Maas
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

“There are good days and hard days for me—even now. Don’t let the hard days win.”

I love numbers and statistics, ratings, reviews, net worthes, dates and surveys! Math was one of my favorite subjects in school. I am mentioning this because this book is one of the highest rated books on GR with an average rating of 4.66 (at the moment I am writing this) and more than quarter a million ratings and this is crazy!! This is literally a dream for most authors! This book kept popping on lists with the highest ratings and best fantasy books and so there was no way I am going to miss it. 

I am not a SJM stan nor a hater. I try to always judge what I read regardless of who wrote it. There were things that I liked and things that I didn’t and that’s what I will be explaining here. I know many people love her writing and many don’t and some do it just because they think being contrarian is edgy and cool. Whatever you think, it is okay! I am not here to judge you so please don’t judge me. 

Let’s start with the genre which is NA (it is definitely not YA even though some sellers shelf it as such)/ fantasy/ romance. I would say that the romance is very prevailing but it is still a fantasy story. I loved the fantasy part but the romance make me roll my eyes a lot. I find most romantic books cheesy so it may be just a personal thing but I found this extra cheesy. I even enjoy books without romance more than those with when it comes to fantasy. The writing is good and addicting, there were good quotes through the book and then there were the eye rolling quotes that made me feel we are living in the stone age. But I think I noticed how telling was also used many times where showing was supposed to be used. Don’t tell me I turned and saw the most beautiful guy in my life. I turned and saw the most beautiful girl ever. We entered and saw the most perfect place ever because that just seems as lazy writing to me!!

I still believe that all successful authors can reuse the same plots over and over and still be successful because of their characterization and that’s what SJM and CC excel at! I love the ships in the book because almost every character is paired to the perfect character (not mate) and they all have a distinct character and are well fleshed. I am saying almost here because I think trying to make a character perfect for one book and then changing them into the bad guy in the next book is frustrating and  the only reason is because there is a hotter person with perfect muscles and tattoos and face. In these worlds the hotter the person the better morally they are. The author did this in her ToG series (Chaol) and she is doing it again here and I am not happy with that!! But I can’t deny that I care for most of the characters and especially Lucien and Azriel!! I must protect my baby boys!!

Things do happen in the book but at the same time I felt this book was longer than necessary, maybe 150-200 pages too long!! I saw that we get a lot of everyday events and stalling but then some things happen fast and you get the impression that more things happened than actually did. That’s why I felt excited at the beginning and ending and got a bit bored at the middle part where things slowed down the most. The romantic parts and the mating things and primal males ate things that irked me because it feels like a bad excuse for love from the first sight in a slightly smarter way!! The fantasy line is more intriguing for sure! That’s why I also enjoyed ACOTAR more than I did with this one, simply there is less romance and more plot to it.

Summary: an over-hyped entry with a fluctuating writing between great and cringy and between showing and telling. The characters are perfect but some of the action is not!! The book is longer than needed and the romance is cheesy. I like the fantasy part of the story though and willing to finish book 3 soon.


  1. I totally agree with everything you said. I still like the book though. Sometimes you just need cheesy romances like that even though I’ve to admit that I’m no huge fan of those cringy intimate scenes. >_< I just finished ACOFAS and boy did I cringe. *lol* I'm so glad you love Lucien and Az too! ❤ I think they deserve way more attention than they get. 😀 Great review!

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  2. That’s great! For me it was the weakest book in the series and I gave it 4 stars but I know why so many people love it. 😀 Well, it didn’t add a lot to the main plot but it was nice to be reunited with my fave characters. Also it gives a good impression of their lives after the war and how the happenings still affect them. It’s nice to read but there doesn’t happen all too much. 🙂

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