Fid’s Crusade Review

Paperback, 367 Pages
Adult/ Sci-Fi/ Super Heroes
By: David H. Reiss
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

I wanna remind you that 3 stars from me means good, 4 is very good. This is a 3.5 stars so it was somewhere in-between. 

Fid’s Crusade is a character-driven novel with an interesting main character. I would have changed the way the book was edited only, the characters, prose and plot were all good. The problem is that the sequence of events was not the best in my opinion.

The book actually started very good and interesting, but then we get a lot of backstory to let us know Dr.Fid and his past. This definitely made him a more interesting character and helped flesh him out but that was on the account of two things: the plot and info dump.

That start made things slower and as someone who usually suffers with characters names. It was hard for me to keep up with everything, there were many heroes and they had real life name and superhero names. I didn’t know which one should I focus and remember and which were just secondary not very important ones. 

The backstories were interesting but at one point I was really wondering what is the plot and what should I be anticipating. The answer came later, a bit too late. I thought I missed something so I checked GR non-spoilery reviews and thank God many reviewers felt the same and pointed out the same point. That made me realize that it was a thing we all agreed on. I thought of DNFing before that but after reading the reviews it was also agreed upon that it gets better after that and it actually did. The story line became more defined, there was less info dump and I was enjoying it more, all of which are great signs!

The writing was good and I enjoyed the emails, the conversations and some of the nerdy stuff that was in the book. Sometimes the language was very technical and I didn’t understand it but that’s just part of the author being a self-acclaimed nerd.
Summary: a good sci-fi/ fantasy story for the fans of superheros novels. It actually is a fresh outtake on these tropes and it does bring something new to the table. If I were editing it I would have distributed the backstories more and introduced the plot earlier and that would have fixed the 2 most glaring problems I had with the novel. Regardless of this, some patience can get you through the novel and actually enjoy it.

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