Evil Under the Sun Review

E-Book, 256 Pages
Adult/ Mystery
By: Agatha Christie
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 3/4

“Everything is possible, isn’t it? The world soon teaches one that!”

I think this is gonna be a short review because I always have the same good feelings when I am reading an Agatha Christie book. If I want something fast, well written and that works as a palate cleanser from fantasy then I don’t hesitate twice to pick any of her books, specially those by Poirot!

This time, Poirot is on a holiday and then one of the resort guests is murdered, the thing is there was some tension in the air before that, luckily Poirot is there to save the day!

I am gonna repeat what I always say, Christie was an excellent and a very smart author, her books are still easy to read and follow almost a century later! Poirot is one of the weirdest characters and I just LOVE him, I like how he (Agatha) follows the thought trail of the reader and discusses them, I love how he always asks the most random questions and have the wildest suggestions like going on a picnic before everything is revealed in this book and I feel that the dialogue is directed against the reader when Poirot is talking, like this quote:

“Ah! Madame, I reserve the explanations for the last chapter.”

The characters are all unique and I don’t know how Agatha always succeeds in making them relatable in such a small number of pages. Everyone is a suspect and I love the medicine and psychology implicated in the story. If something bothers me a bit, it is that some of the facts are not presented to the readers until after the reveal, I like to play detective while reading the books but the thing is many of the things go over my head so I can’t say the things hidden would have made it much easier.

Summary: I enjoyed this book very much, it is short, fast, smart and very intriguing! Just what I am looking for when I am reading one of Agatha’s books!

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