Hidden Meridians Review

E-book, 373 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: J.P. Hostetler

I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange of a review. This doesn’t affect my opinions as you all know. When the author first approached me, I couldn’t say no because I am a big fan of mythology and after seeing the cover, I couldn’t say no.

The story follows Salem Swan as his life is turned upsideย down after the death of his mother. He is then taken by his uncle Ulysses who happens to be a member of a ship crew going on mysterious adventures involving mythical creatures and a secret war against a radical group.

Apart from the Shadowhunters books, I almost stopped reading YA books because I read many of those back in the day and they all started to sound similar to me. That being said, I felt that the synopsis of this one was a bit different and I wanted to try it. The writing of Hostetler is smooth, I liked that it was a bit poetic without being too pretentious. I felt that the story is somewhere between MG and YA which on addition to the story line, gave me Percy Jackson vibes!

I am not usually a fan of stories that take place in the sea (nautical fiction?) and that is not a criticism as much as it is a personal preference. I think I may have not accepted the review request had I known that but I am glad that I didn’t because it would not have been fair then. Anyway, I think I found part of the magic I was looking for in the story, the mythology that intrigues me was definitely an important part of the story and it added a fresh aspect to the story!

The characters are well written because they didn’t have the teenagers angst that turns me off this category and they do grow through the story and I think they have more potential hidden for the next books!

Summary: I did not have high expectations for this book because I kind of outgrew the genre but books like this still remind me that there are good books in it! I liked the poetic writing and the characters who were fleshed out. It gave me Percy Jackson vibes but it was unique in its own way! I do recommend it for fans of mythology and the YA genre!

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