A Shattering of Glass Review

E-Book, 148 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Novella
By: Deck Matthews
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The cover of this book was what actually drew me to the trilogy in the first place. There is something mysterious about it that makes me like it for one reason or another.

This was definitely the best book in the series, I was going to say in the trilogy because I thought it was a trilogy but it looks like it is not and there will be more books in this series. The book just took everything good about the previous books and built upon that.

I really appreciate the fact that the author kept the length of the books consistent so far, the books are around 150 pages each, they are all fast-paced which makes it a crazily bingeable and easy to read series! This book was the easiest for me to read and yet the most engaging because I already knew the characters and world. Matthew gives us answers in this book but also provides new questions and I think that was a smart move on his part!

This is a series that keeps getting better with each book in the series and I have much respect for authors who keep working to improve their works. I though the writing was the best in this book so far, the characters definitely grew through the series and we have new characters here that are as interesting! I find it hard to discuss the plot here because it is a third in the series and they are short reads so I prefer to leave it to you to discover what the whole thing is about!

Summary: This was a great addition to the series and my favorite entry so far. It is a fast read when you want something smaller to go through but it still has much of the epic fantasy “epicness”! Looks like we are going to have more books in the series and I hope to read those at one point!

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