Burn Red Skies Review

E-Book, 426 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Kerstin Espinosa Rosero
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ 1/2

I read this one for SPFBO 7 and I was really excited for it as my fellow bloggers at FanFiAddict were very happy with it. I did enjoy it but I wasn’t as enthusiastic as them.

The story is intriguing, there are many complex elements with flying ships, magic, dragons and armies. The protagonist is a mute which is intriguing and very unique -funny thing is that I read Gallant by Schwab after this one and it also had a mute protagonist- and the main plot line is her trying to find her brother and save him. The other character I really cared about is Valerya who is like the antagonist of the story, she is morally grey and she has magic which is dwindling in the present world and makes her a force not to be missed with.

The prose is great but for some reasons I found myself confused many times in the story and trying to re-read paragraphs to grasp what happened. I also forgot the secondary characters although there were not many of those and I am used to reading stories with wider casts but I just guess I never connected to them as mush as I wanted to.

The magic system is interesting and I think because we see magic mostly at the beginning and ending, they were my favorite parts. The book is generally slow paced but it even slows down more in the middle which made me feel that that part dragged and I just wanted to know what happens next.

Summary: I enjoyed the story overall and I think it is well written with very good prose. For some reason the secondary characters and some of the plot lines were confusing for me and I could not connect to them. I think the ending was a bit rushed but still beautiful. I would recommend for people looking for something not so casual!

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