Daisy Jones & The Six review

Ebook, 368 Pages
Historical Fiction/ Adult/ Music
By: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œMen often think they deserve a sticker for treating women like people.”

🌟 At some point the band in this book are having a hard time after releasing their greatest album and they didn’t know what to do next. I think the same can be said for the author after the huge hit that was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo! Let’s be real though, this is not TSHoEH and it is not supposed to be so. If there is anything I am feeling, it is a huge respect for the author for not milking that book and for trying something completely different!

🌟 This book was written as interviews throughout different time periods following the members of the band. I have seen some books the author read in order to write this and that left me in awe! I think many authors should be learning from this author! The characters were real. I am not going to compare this to Evelyn Hugo but that book had the most realistic characters ever. Let’s explain some writing 101 now. The author showed a lot in her previous book but told more in this book. Showing always gives more dimensions to the story but if we want to be honest , we don’t talk in a poetic way in real life so telling was the safe and right choice here.

🌟 The characters and their interactions were unusual in a very good way, at some point, I was thinking that it is going to be the same as every other book I read. Fortunately we had an atypically loyal wife who is willing to do everything for her family, an underappreciated musician, a beautiful song writer and more unique characters. Also I kind of remembered the story of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Image result for bradley cooper and lady gaga

🌟The books have some topics that I am not comfortable with such as drugs and addiction and affairs. The funny thing that the book itself was addicting and I finished it in under 24 hours. That just shows how good it was.

Image result for addiction gif

🌟 Summary: The book did not disappoint me although I had good expectations. After leaving a mini review on GR, many of my friends recommended the audio-book and I want to re-read it using the audio-book now because it had so much praise. Also for those who are going to read it, the song lyrics can be found at the end of the book (Yes, the author did write some songs too!!!!!). I noticed that after finishing the book, if I were the editor, I would have put each song after its corresponding chapter as that would have made it easier to read and more fun. However, I don’t regret reading this one and will be surely reading her future books for sure!


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