The Crown Tower Review

E-Book, 384 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Michael J. Sullivan
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“There’s always hope… We’ve planted the seeds. All we can do now is wait and see what grows.”

I have finished The Riyria revelations last month and loved Heir of Novron so much that I could not say bye to this world yet. There is a little introduction at the start of this book where the author explains why he decided to write a prequel (and that he likes the cover of this book X-X) and I decided to read these books in the publishing order because that’s my preferred way of reading usually!

It is a weird experience reading a prequel for something that you already know will end. It takes a part of the excitement in a way because I know that characters that appear in the original series will be safe in this one. On the other hand, there is something interesting about discovering how things came to be and finding more about the characters. I think Gwen was the character that got more depth after reading this. Royce was absent for a long time as the story jumps between Hadrian and Gwen mainly. However, there are new characters so we get to discover them and care about them and also be curious about their destiny!

The writing is as good as the main series, there is continuous banter but without being annoying. There is humor but also some serious and emotional moments! I love that the length of these books is consistent and is around 400 pages which shows how an epic story can be written without the need for a thousand page!

I think the plot is a bit expected but is a good introduction to the story. I am just a bit confused because he author mentions how he wrote these so that each one can stand as a standalone and if this was a standalone, I would be confused and left with many questions. But I know the books do connect together and I know what happens in the future which makes me okay with the story line.

Summary: There is nothing as enough of Royce and Hadrian and in this book there was the addition of Gwen which story was very intriguing! I loved the writing and that the author was still able to capture the spirit of the main series in the prequel. I also love the length of these books and I am most definitely continuing this next month!

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