The Rose & The Thorn Review

E-Book, 347 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Michael J. Sullivan
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“The world’s a miserable place, kid. Give it any chance and it will kill you and not always with a blade or a cough. You know, there’s a reason men prefer to die in battle—living can sometimes be worse.”

The Crown Tower ★★★★
The Rose & the Thorn ★★★★

I don’t know where to start this review from so I will do it with the cover which is one of the worst for this series! I stayed away from the series for a long time because of the covers and if it weren’t for my friends enthusiasm about the series, I would have kept procrastinating! To put it simply, this series deserves better covers that reflect that awesomeness inside!

I also don’t know how Sullivan is successful once again in capturing the spirit of the story! I can read endless stories about this duo and I won’t get tired! It is even more impressive given the fact that these are prequels written after the first story so the risk to ruin things is big and yet Sullivan keeps upping his writing game!

The story is told through multiple POVs and it does work although some times I would have preferred to stick with a couple of POVs like the first book in the series. The writing is not that serious and is humorous but is still very good. Not many authors are able to write in that way without overdoing and ruining it.

Royce and Hadrian are awesome as always and the interactions between them is just *Chef Kiss*. It is like we’re getting so much character depth and building but in retrograde and is a new experience for me as a reader. Royce can be brutal and we were always told that and that he has become so much more humane later so we finally get to see this brutality from the past. Sullivan also puts much effort in writing his secondary characters and it apparently pays off!

I think the beginnings and endings of his stories are always the best. I wanted more Gwen in this book because I really liked her in book one. I think we will get to see more in in the next books which is enough for me.

Summary: Another very good entry in this world. Things keep getting depth whether it is the world, the main duo or the secondary characters but it is happening in retrograde and I am living for that. Overall the plot was good but I was left wanting a bit more.

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